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Nature and discovery

Madagascar is one of the five first country which has the highest rate of biodiversity including Brazil, Indonesia, Congo and Colombia. Lemurs are among the well-known primates which has been developing in the island since more than 80 millions of years, after Madagascar separated from the ancient Gondwanaland.

It is a big island where a visitor has the opportunity to discover endemic fauna and flora in many different protected areas or even sometimes in the wild during the trip. Nearly 125 species have been registered recently and most of them are active in the night. There are also 80 species of chameleons and about 300 species of birds. Here are some of the list of the most known and most visited parks and reserves where people can meet them :

  1. Andasibe Mantadia National Park – (East)
  2. Ranomafana National Park (East)
  3. Isalo National Park (South-Centre)
  4. Anjà Reserve (South-Centre)
  5. Ankarafantsika National Park (West)
  6. Palmarium Reserve (East near the Pangalanes Canal)
  7. Amber Mountain National Park (North)
  8. Ankarana National Park (North)
  9. Masoala National Park (North – East)

For those who like nature and discovery, you can check find some ideas in the tour samples listed below :

  • Antananarivo to Toliary
  • East and North of Madagascar
  • North of Madagascar
  • Andasibe in 2 days
  • Ampefy in 2 days

In general, each of those tours includes some driving and gives opportunity for discovery of culture when crossing or stopping around village, towns throughout the itinerary. Originally issued from different planet of the world, Malagasy art and culture is a result of a mixture which makes it very fascinating. Each day is a new discovery!

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