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Fianarantsoa and Toliary

The city of Fianarantsoa, which means "where we learn good things" as it is one of the most religious place of Madagascar, is situated in the central highland, 1 day drive from the capital. It is a must stop for those who travel by car towards the big South. This region offers a large variety of discovery. Fianarantsoa is almost the only place where travellers can visit some tea plantation, winery. The Betsileo known as good workers shows their skill in their village. Visitors can visit workshops to see some silkweaving of Ambositra and Ambalavao, woodsculpture of the Zafimaniry near Ambositra, many other crafts.

This region gathers 3 different big national parks which are very interesting to find some endemic species of wildlife and nice scenery:

  • Ranomafana national parks is about 1 day drive from Antananarivo, accessible at about 25km before Fianarantsoa. People can spend at least 2 nights in the village of Ranomafana to get 1 day visit of the area.
  • Andringitra national park is situated at half day drive South from Ambalavao. This is a beautiful place which attract people for treking. It is good for 1 to 3 or 4 nights camping in the wild. Interesting formation of the rocks on the West side with a beautiful waterfall, primary rain forest with endemic species at the East, nice people to exchange local culture animate the tour.
  • Further South, the Isalo National Park is another attraction part of Fianarantsoa province. This is an eroded ruiniform landscape left by the erosion after many years of formation. Situated at about 750km from Antananarivo. It can be reached in 2 days drive from the capital or half day from Toliary. Apart from its beautiful scenery with many natural pools and waterfalls, it is home for some unique wildlife including lemurs, birds and reptiles.

Toliary, at the end of the wellknown RN7 is situated on the South West coast. Daily flights of Air Madagascar deserve this city and link it to Antananarivo, Fort Dauphin, Morondava. Most tour would suggest to end the journey at Ifaty or Anakao. These are two small villages where people can relax for beaches or have some more discovery into the sea (snorkeling, fishing, diving, ...) or inland (visit of the spiny forest, birdwatching, ...).

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