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About us

Authorization N° 058-15/MTTM/SG/DG Tour/DRCC/SAET from the Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Meteorology of Madagascar.

After making their way through different fields, braving hardness of life by their own, three guys is destined to meet more than 15 years ago. They realized that they have the same ambition : “Managing his own company”. Decided then to join each other and form a tripod, Madagascar Touring was created in 2004.

Like a chameleon catching his prey, Madagascar Touring progressed slowly from the lowest scale by its own ressources. Time to time relationship with different company (including hotels/restaurant, car rental, guides, travel agent, organisations and other local or foreign operators) was fortified to insure seamless services. We have our own logistics and work with many local partners in order to be adaptive to every request and each situation.

Trying to share a job with the stray but qualified young generation of nowadays, this company is actually a medium sized company with dozens of mostly former staff and few trainees. Madagascar Touring is a pure Malagasy company. All of our staff, guides, drivers, and tour leaders are Malagasy and were born in Madagascar. Fluent in English, French, and Malagasy… we have worked with some of Madagascar’s top tour operators and have years of experience in guiding and arranging travel in Madagascar.

Our target is to contribute in tourism development in Madagascar by creating a new economic company, new jobs, and multiplying pure malagasy-owned tour operators which are still limited in Madagascar.

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