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All pictures used by permission of WildMadagascar.org, a leading web site about Madagascar that has also been also one of our clients.
Welcome to Madagascar Touring, the tour operator for all budgets.

Madagascar Touring offers personalized adventures in Madagascar. We will help you plan and prepare for your trip and work to ensure you enjoy your stay in Madagascar. Your safety and enjoyment is our top priority.
Madagascar Touring will help you plan your ultimate adventure to Madagascar, a land of incredible landscapes, people, and wildlife. Our guides - all of whom are native Malagasy and fluent in French and English - have a wealth of knowledge and contacts that only years of experience can bring.

Traveling in Madagascar
Madagascar has only recently emerged as a destination for tourists but as a developing country you'll need a guide who knows the available infrastructure and new services that appear every day. Our expertise will enable you to take advantage of all opportunities offered by Madagascar, including cultural exchanges, wildlife discovery, scenic hikes, and unforgettable experiences.

Our guides have worked with some of Madagascar's top tour operators and have guided clients from countries all over the world to all major destinations in Madagascar. We have arranged tours ranging from hiking trips for independent travels to scientific expeditions to luxury excursions. We have the experiences, contacts, and knowledge to make trips of all types a success!

Cultural exchange
Interacting with local people can be one of the most rewarding parts of travel in Madagascar. We strive to to make these experiences as natural as as possible. Through your guide, you'll have the change to experience genuine exchange with local people - true immersion in the cultural richness of our country, should you choose.

Whether you are a seasoned travel to Madagascar or this is your first trip, Madagascar Touring can make your journey an unforgetable one. We will work with you to plan and fulfill an adventure that fits your budget and your dreams.

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